Bad Credit, No Credit Check And Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contracts

You Can Get Accepted For A Mobile Phone Contract With Bad Credit Or No Credit History Today

Bad credit mobile phones

Bad credit mobile phone contracts

The best way to get a new contract phone or mobile broadband is to apply directly to the network rather than going through a retailer. Avoid applying for the latest smartphone you will not get an iPhone 5, you can even choose a free laptop or gift (read our full guide below) with some deals.

In order of greatest acceptance rate here are the networks to try.

Vigin Mobile offer: Very high acceptance rates for SIM Only

#1). Virgin Mobile have tariffs from as little as £7 per month free phone deals are only for existing Virgin media customers, SIM Only for everyone else. Virgin also offer unlimited web browsing from your mobile for just 30p a day!
Click here to apply with Virgin Mobile now

Three offer: Great Approvals On Phones For Credit Scores Of 350+

#2). Credit Score Of 350+ for Phone Deals Or Three Mobile offer SIM only contracts from just £10 per month. Three also have a range of reasonable tariffs and free phones from just £15 per month. Again you need to be realistic in your choices. (Read our full guide bellow)
Click here to apply with Three Mobile now

Vodafone offer: Very high acceptance on SIM ONLY deals

#3). Like all the other networks Vodafone require only a basic identity check for their SIM only contracts. As we have mentioned before SIM only contracts are great for building your credit and provided you keep your account in order they are a sure fire way to a free phone contract deal.
Click here to apply with Vodafone now

SheBang: 100% guaranteed contract for everyone

#5). The only Network in the UK to offer a free handset on a 12 month contract with no credit check. You must pay your first month in advance @ £36 phones are Acer Liquid Z3 or Tecmobile you 40 . To apply for one of these no credit check deals please use our special application form here.

O2 offer: Clear & simple SIM only contracts with good acceptance rates

#6). O2 offer a great range of SIM only contracts, Simplicity offers Pay and Go, 30 day rolling and 12 month SIM only contracts, all have very high acceptance rates. O2 also reward their customers every 3 months with high street vouchers and other goodies.
Click here to apply with O2 now

EE offer: OK approval rates for SIM ONLY Contracts

#7). As the parent company of Orange and T-Mobile EE offer good acceptance rates for their SIM only contracts. As we have mentioned before SIM only contracts are great for building your credit and provided you keep your account in order they are a sure fire way to a free phone contract deal.
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Unlike other websites we do not collect your details and credit check you without your permission ShopMobilePhones performs no credit checks at all. We have close ties with the mobile phone networks and our research shows people with bad credit have been accepted on Vodafone & Virgin Mobile even after being refused elsewhere. Vodafone also have a fantastic tariffs at the moment free phones from as little as £13.00 per month!

A Guide To Bad, No Credit And Guaranteed Mobile Phones

If you are looking for a contract mobile phone or mobile broadband and you suffer from either no credit or a poor credit rating our simple guide will help you choose the right network and tariff.

bad credit contract phones

Have you been refused for a contract mobile phone due to your bad credit history ?
Getting a contract phone when you have bad credit is not impossible, through our research, close relationships with the networks and your feedback, we have put together this guide outlining the best networks and tariffs for customers with bad or poor credit.

How to get a contract phone with bad credit ?
After reading this guide select one of the networks above which best suits your circumstances, then simply follow the apply link for your chosen network, you will be taken to the networks we recommend for your situation. Virgin mobile currently have very high acceptance rates, and a good selection of free mobile phones and cheap monthly tariffs, so for that reason we recommend Three as our best network.
We Recommend : vodafone, O2 & Vodafone SheBang

Should I apply for a high end handset that is new out?
No you need to be realistic when choosing your phone and tariff, each network attaches a level of risk to every application, by applying for an expensive high end phone and having a less than perfect credit rating, the networks are more likely to reject your application. The same is true of tariffs if you apply for an expensive tariff with lots of free minutes and texts you are less likely to be accepted. Do apply for a cheaper tariff and choose a less expensive mobile phone. Remember you can always upgrade your phone later on once you have proved your worth. Both Virgin and vodafone offer a good selection of cheaper phones on cheap tariffs.
We Recommend : vodafone and O2

Can I use my existing mobile phone with a new contract?
Yes all networks offer SIM only contracts these are great for people with existing mobile phones and for people with bad credit, the networks attach much less risk to SIM only contracts because there is no free or subsidised phone costs to recover. However as above it's wise to apply for a cheaper or even 30 day rolling SIM only contract that has a lower monthly fee. Many people have also found, if they have been refused a free phone, after a few months on a SIM only contract they were able to upgrade to a tariff and free phone. As with any contract provided you keep your account in good order and pay your bills on time, your credit rating will improve and you will be offered more by your network.
We Recommend : Vodafone, Three, O2 and SheBang

Can I Get A Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contract With Bad Credit?
Currently there is only one network in the UK offering Guaranteed phone contracts. SheBang offer 100% Guaranteed mobile contracts on their 12 month free phone plans, 12 month SIM Only plans and 30 day rolling SIMs. You are required to pay your first months line rental in advance, but can choose from a range of payment methods which include PayPal, in return you can choose: a free Acer Liquid L2 with 1,200 inclusive minutes 3,000 texts and 1024Mb of data for £36 per month or you can pay a £24.95 up front for the phone and £18.00 up front line rental and then £18 every month for the same handset 100 minutes, 3,000 texts and 500Mb of data. SheBang also offer you the chance to cap your contract meaning once your monthly spend reaches a limit set by you, your phone will only receive incoming calls and messages great for budgeting your monthly spending and stopping any nasty surprise bills.
We Recommend : SheBang

Are There Any No Credit Check Mobile Phone Contracts?
Yes you can get a number of different no credit check contracts many networks only perform identity checks which are often confused with credit checks they mostly require you to have a debit or credit card to help verify your identity. The only no credit check free phone contract deals on the market are from SheBang, you need to pay your first months line rental in advance and in exchange you get your mobile phone and contract the very next working day.
We Recommend : SheBang for free phone contracts and Three and O2, Vodafone for 30 Day SIM Only

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ShopMobilePhones comments on facebook
shopmobiles is the best place to get a mobile phone and contract even with poor or no credit history so be sure to check them out asap

Thank you soo much shopmobilephones
I was finaly accepted for a mobile contract after years of trying I followed your advice and took out a sim only contract first and now I have a phone on contract 5* advice all the way.
Thanks again Suzi

Thanks for the help your site provided me
I was made bankrupt in 2008 but paid all monies owed ten fold but it is still on my credit file got turned down by orange before visiting your site and after your advice went to t-mobile and after a short conversation with a member of the web sales team they offered me there full monty package £21 a month unlimited calls,texts and internet. Result so thankyou :-)

I just wanted to thank you for the info!
Applied to Three, who I'd had a monthly rolling SIM only contract with, explained my situation and asked whether it would be possible to get a free phone contract. I now have a HTC One with a £25 a month contract arriving tomorrow :)

Cant believe it.
Thought i would give it a try with 3mobile after reading this and not having a credit rating lol. So ordered the brand new htc sensation xl and it got delivered today! OMG
Miss Toms

New Mobile phone contracts
Hi, went onto your site looking for a new mobile contract for myself and my wife, as we have not got a very good credit rating. Went to T Mobile web site and now we both have been accepted and now have a new phone each,a brill site thanks for your help would recommend this site to anyone who is finding it hard to get a mobile phone on contract and has bad credit.
Thanks Carl

Been Accepted!
I have been thinking about getting a contract phone for quite a while but with previous bad credit history on my credit score was worried about being turned down.Until I found your site, read through and went to t-mobile and hve a nice shiny blackberry contract for £15 per month.
very hppy thank you Louise

Thank you so much!
I found your advice genuinely invaluable. Having been refused a contract with several leading companies I followed your suggestion of Virgin Mobile. Now have an HTC Desire HD (free) on a reasonably priced 24 month contract.
Thanks again. Andy

I just wanted to say thanks, I got a new contract mobile phone on T-Mobile after months of trying I found your website and T-Mobile accepted me without any problems.

Just wanted to let you know that I have just been accepted for a brand new phone on Pay monthly with Vodafone. Thank you for your help!

Thank you shopmobilephones, I tried various mobile phone shops only to be turned down every time. I have a less than perfect credit rating and have found it hard to get accepted, one visit to your website and I now have a new Samsung Tocco on T-Mobile Combi 25.

I have very bad credit and Virgin mobile accepted me, I got a free KC 550 100 free minutes and texts for £8.50 per month! Thank you.

I took out a solo sim and after running it for 2 months I got a T-Mobile contract thanks for the tip.

Hey shop mobile phones, thanks to you i have got myself an iphone 3gs. I've probably got the worst credit but after following your simple tips i was able to get one after 2 years of trying. Thank You!!!

Bad credit mobile phones
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Also well worth your consideration is the massive range of Pay as you go and Sim free mobile phone offers compared on this website all of which come with 100% approval rates and no credit checks at all.

To find out what information is held about you on your credit file please visit one of these two credit reference agencies:
Experian (Credit Expert).

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